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To provide ground support services, aircraft maintenance, management personnel and external care carriers with safety and quality, complying with internal, national and international regulations and using continuous improvement to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, shareholders and employees.


To be the best company with national and international recognition in aeronautical services provided in an efficient, reliable and secure manner.

Our Values

  1. Management of Operations with SECURITY, our reason for being is to minimize the risks of operations.
  2. Provide QUALITY, always offer services that adequately meet the expectations of our customers.
  3. Create HARMONY through a good relationship between the team for the final achievement of assigned tasks.
  4. Act with INTEGRITY, instill behaviors righteousness and honesty with each individual around us.
  5. Believe in LOYALTY, we recognize that candor and honesty is the best way to serve others and ourselves.
  6. Serve with PASSION, we indulge in everything we do.
  7. RESPECT, we rely on, believe in the dignity, honesty and free opinion of our fellows.
  8. Work with RESPONSIBILITY, we are committed with our clients for mutual benefit.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) awarded LAATS SA on May 2011, whit the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) after a process that consisted in 11 months, we were the first and only Independent Service Provider in Central America, fourth in Latin American and Caribbean to be awarded with such Prestigious Certification.

The start of this project was based on the commitment to deliver ground handling services in compliance not only with local standards, but to regulate the operations according to the standards and practices for the safety of ground operations by IATA practices.

We now perform recommended standard procedures through this certification, by this means we communicate to all that this is just de beginning of the continuous improvement stablished to run every day. This will result in benefits to all involved in the industry, all this because we proceed with worldwide recommended standards practices and the result will be reflected in less accidents, incidents, risks, work injuries, audits from operating airlines, among many others.

The continuous improvement does not end here, as we said “the hardest is to maintain not to get there”, on April 2013 IATA visited us in order to audit LAATS for the first recertification, this audit resulted in zero findings, and as a big plus, LAATS obtained the rest two sections pending, those were LOD and PAX.

LAATS is still the only provider in Guatemala and Central America registered as ISAGO, today we are an origination which complies with all the ISAGO Sections, ORM, LOD, PAX, BAG, HDL, AGM and CGM, this project is full of satisfactions, lessons and resulted in new stablished procedures. The same challenge will take place in next December, we are ready for the audit for the second re certification, this challenge shows many milestones to go, equal or greater than the first audit, IATA is an organization which grows every day, is always looking for new standards in order to increase the operational safety, now we are working under ISAGO revision 3 and the basis stablished in the Airport Handling Manual through the IATA Ground Operational Manual, a great advance in the operational safety area for the operator airline and the ground service providers.

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Founded in 1947 and based in Washington, DC, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is the leading organization for companies that rely on general aviation aircraft to help make their businesses more efficient, productive and successful. The Association represents more than 10,000 companies and provides more than 100 products and services to the business aviation community, including the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, the world's largest civil aviation trade show.

LAATS is a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), approved by the local Civil Aviation Authority, DGAC, under the DGAC Operation Certificate / STNA-002-2015. Continuous improvement has been our basis for sustained growth that has been evident in recent years, this membership represents a commitment to follow for the organization, strengthening this area of service is vital to offer our customers around the world, professional and safe option in the Guatemalan market.

LAATS has always sought the added value differentiator, highly recognized international standards, membership in reputable international associations, only service provider with legal and financial solvency to the DGAC, in clear compliance with National Aviation Act, the Rules and Regulations of existing Civil Aviation.

• We cordially invite you to visit us and see why we are your best supplier.

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  1. RAC 111 - Aug. 20, 2015 For Services Business of Technical Nature
  2. Weight & Balance: our personnel is authorized to dispatch and W&B Boeing 737-700/800, BOEING 767-200/300,EMBRAER RJ-190/145, AIRBUS A318,319,320.
    Additionally we have modern equipment and portable type platforms certified and calibrated for laboratory certified by FAA (kelilabs.com), to calculate the new basis weights and calculating operational center of gravity of any aircraft and helicopter making a safe work fast and efficient.
  3. ATC and DME systems: We have computerized test equipment, to carry out checks and certification systems Air Traffic Control (ATC), Distance Measurement Equipment (DME) aircraft.
  4. PITOT and STATIC: We work with highest quality equipment, to perform the operational check, repair and certify the failures of the system during the operation of instruments and equipment of the aircraft. Our staff is fully trained and certified for the use of our team, specialized in the area of avionics.
  5. Aircraft dispatch. We have complied with all aspects required by the ICAO and local Civil Aviation requirements, we are authorized to dispatch aircrafts.
  6. Foreign Repair Station: We perform maintenance activities and repair of aircraft according to the ratings issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (valid for Chile).
  7. 6.Security Services: the only one provider with both certificates, legal and operating, authorized to provide:

    • Cargo compartment security
    • Transport of baggage security
    • Transport of cargo security
    • Remain Over Night RON security
    • Passenger cabin entrance security
    • Ramp security
    • X ray inspection services

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LAATS has been awarded various times. These are among the most important:

  • Zero Aircraft Damages 2005, US-Airways
  • Zero Aircraft Damages 2006, US-Airways
  • Zero Aircraft Damages 2007, US-Airways
  • Continuous effort and Safety Procedures 2007, American Airlines
  • Continuous effort and Safety Procedures 2008, American Airlines
  • Continuous effort and Safety Procedures 2009, American Airlines
  • Continuous effort and Safety Procedures 2010, American Airlines

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Our Clients

Our Organization

LAATS is the only Ground Service Provider which shows the most robust organization, competitive, trained and experienced staff. General Manager empowers Human Resources, Operations, Finances and Quality, Safety & Security managers with all resources in order to improve the culture of safety in our daily operations.
Every position is designed with clear responsibilities and duties; to this scheme we add a set of simple and objective policies we get as result an operative scenario with continuous improvement and dynamic personnel.

You will not find any other organization like ours!

Ground Support Equipment GSE

LAATS counts with more than 100 units, with this amount we can cover all your requirements. At least we can name the following GSE:

  1. Push Back Tractors
  2. Towbars
  3. Baggage tractors
  4. Belt loaders
  5. Baggage carts
  6. Ground Power Units
  7. Portable Electric Generators
  8. Drainage and drinking water equipment
  9. Fuel trucks
  10. Loaders, main & lower deck loaders
  11. Forklifter
  12. Snorkelifter
  13. Dollies & pallets

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Preventive / corrective GSE maintenance

We provide corrective and preventive maintenance to our GSE, but the following added value make us better:

  1. Maintenance Program
  2. Preventive maintenance according to schedule
  3. Corrective maintenance
  4. Progam Control
  5. Fully equipped maintenance area
  6. Full documented log for maintenance programs, services, replacements, and repairs.

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LAATS distributes information to all departments through the following technologies:

  1. An E-mail account to staff e.g.: user@laats.net
  2. Walkie talkies, LAATS has 55 radios and counting.
  3. Air band frequency dedicated to us, you can contact us in 132.50 Mhz
  4. All Supervisors, Chiefs, and Management Personnel are provided with a cell phone.

Administrative Services in Main Office

  • Attention to our clients
  • Attention to our Personnel
  • Attention to our Providers
  • Human Resources
  • Accountings
  • Others

Our People

LAATS counts with experienced and trained staff. We provide appropriate training to our staff, in this way we prevent workplace hazards, produce positive attitudes, improve knowledge of each position, and improve performance.

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Added Value

LAATS provides a lot of added values, this actions define LAATS as serious, responsible and connected with the Industry, Here are some of them:

  • Fire Extinguishers control
  • Radio communications control
  • Training control
  • Lab analysis for drinking water in compliance with the "Airport Handling Manual" AHM 440, this way we comply with the AWDR (Aircraft Drinking Water Rule) issued by the Enviromental Protection Agency of the United States of America EPA (Enviromental Protection Agency)
  • Water filter control
  • Risk Management

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